Kite flying in the country Ajaccio ©®

1) Do not fly during thunderstorms.

2) Do not fly next to a road: a traffic accident can happen quickly, especially if your kite is just falling. It is advisable to stand at least 500 meters from the roads.

3) Do not fly near power lines.  

4) Do not fly near an aerodrome: the minimum distance to be observed in this case is 5000 meters.  

5) Do not fly over a crowd: the fall of the CV can easily hurt a person.

6) Always use a good quality CV. Your safety depends on it, but also on those around you.

7) Do not overestimate your abilities: do not try improbable things. Even if this is not the case, it is always better to stick to what you do with your resume.

8) Your outfit should be appropriate: shoes, cap, sunglasses, pair of gloves (burn due to the line), and for high winds a polar, etc ...

9) Be cautious and on your guard because the CV is a fast enough gear which you can not predict the reactions in every detail.

10) Avoid noisy CVs for people who do not already share your passion, to support in addition a noisy resume can be delicate.

For an individual sport-leisure activity, no special insurance is compulsory. Your liability insurance should be enough.However, refer to your contract as limitations may be stipulated.  


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