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The big kite book Do you want to make your own kite and learn all the techniques to fly it? What are the most resistant and spectacular forms? Want to know how to exactly determine the direction of the wind so that it rises without difficulty and hovers high? A little paper, a piece of string, glue, tape and a pair of scissors: it does not take more to make beautiful specimens.

Author : G Spini / Editor : De Vecchi

The big book of kitesUnited, colorful, dragon heads or butterflies, Snoopy or Harlequin ..., the kites, once so popular with our grandparents, come back in force and spread their wings again in the sky of our holidays and our weekends Getaways. The Big Book of Kites presents more than 70 different models. Using photos, diagrams and assembly plans, he explains how to choose, fly or manufacture them, to introduce you to the pleasure of kiting or help you to go further in your passion.

Author : Morgan Paul - Morgan Helen / Editor : Hachette

The art of kiting A real wealth of information with photos and drawings to support this art.

Author : Wolfgang Schimmelpfennig - / Editor : Dessain et Tolra

Les aérostiers cervolistes
history of the military kite through balloning over the centuries
Author : Dominique Cotard  / Edito : Première édition

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